How to select high bay light that suits your purpose

by Anthony Carroll
LED high bay light

We all know there is a need to illuminate our warehouse, gyms, factory, and commercial buildings. Getting quality lighting led can be an issue sometimes. In fact, we can encounter the problem of the type of illumination LED we should choose. In a bid to eliminate these two problems, XSY lighting offers you a LED high-bay light, which is dimmable, motion sensor, and emergency battery backup. They are very cheap to purchase, can provide up to 54,000 hours of lifespan, and comes with five years of warranty.

Like I said earlier, you can be faced with the decision of which type you should go for. Without adequate knowledge about different kinds of high bay light, that decision can be a difficult one. To make your decision very easy, I will talk about different types of LED high lights that are available and the areas you can use them.

Types of high bay light

UFO high bay-sunrise 4: This type of high bay light is ideal for use in foodservice and processing locations. It comes in three beam angles: 450, 900, and 1200. Its power rating ranges between 50W and 150W. its light effect is greater than 130LM/W

UFO high bay-diamond: If you are into food processing and fresh foods, this type of high bay light is perfect for you. It is DLC approved and has a single beam angle of 1200. This type has a unique two life efficacy of 150LM/W and 190LM/W. you also need to know its power rating starts from 80W and ends at 200W.

UFO high bay-star 4: To ensure symmetrical light distribution, this is what you need. It’s an optical lens that comes with two beam angles, which are 600 and 1200. Approved by DLC, and has life efficacy of 150LM/W, 170LM/W. its power rating falls between 60W and 250W.

Type A high linear bay: if what you need is an affordable, energy-efficient, and a high-quality bay light, then this is for you. Its life efficacy is greater than 140LM/W, comes in 1200 beam angle, and has a power rating that ranges between 105W to 300W.

UFO high bay-sunrise 9: yes, this type is also DLC approved. It is the perfect led replacement for 400W MH high bay. You can rely on it to handle your illumination job. It has three beam angles, which are 450, 900, and 1200. It has a wide range of power rating that starts from 80W and ends at 300W.

Type B linear high bay: this is more like type A in the sense that it is also DLC approved, it has a power rating between 105W and 300W, beam angle of 1200, and a luminous efficacy that is greater than 140LM/W. you should consider going for this type if you want to replace MH or T8/T5 fluorescent fixtures.

Linear high bay: it is a special type of high bay lighting that has 300, 600, and 900 angles, symmetric angle of 400, and asymmetric angles of 1800 and 1200. It comes with multiple choices of optical lenses to illuminate your warehouse.

UFO high bay-star 1: this is the last type you should know. It is made with a new graphene high-conductor material heat sink. Approved by DLC, and has power ratings of 100W, 150W, and 190W. Its beam angle is between 600 and 1200.

Now that you know the types of high bay light and where you can use them, you should be able to make a smart choice. The problem of where to get them has been eliminated by XSY lighting. XSY lighting provides indoor high bay lighting and warehouse lighting. All you need to do is to let them know your preferred choice.

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