This is why LED panels have become popular

by Anthony Carroll
LED Panel

LED panels are the latest fad in lighting. They have become a common lighting feature in most homes, offices, schools, hospitals, and businesses.

Here is why LED panels have grown in popularity and why you should use them and ditch the fluorescent lights.

They Use Less Power

LED panels use less power but deliver more light and a wider beam angle. For instance, if you are changing your lighting systems, you can achieve similar levels of lighting or higher while using fewer fittings. If you had 4 older lighting fittings such as fluorescent lights, you can reduce to 3 LED panels.

This way, you will save the cost of fittings and that of energy used. The savings are more significant if you have a large project.

The LED panels are also highly efficient such that they produce more light while using less power. The efficiency is indicated as Lumens per Watt. A high number means that the panels are more efficient. You can find an LED with an efficiency of 200lm/W.

So if you want a high performing LED panel, choose the one with a higher rating.

Different Types of Panels for Various Uses

Do you want to light the office, school, home, hospital or garage?

You will surely find suitable LED panels for each use based on how their light works. This is what is called color temperature and it is denoted by Kelvin (K).

For example, the office requires LED panels of 5000k while a home that of 4000k.

These can be categorized as:

Cool white. 5000k to 6000k. These LED panels are the most common. They are suitable for offices, schools, and businesses due to low glare.

Natural white. 4000k to 5000k. These look like natural light. They are suitable for homes, basements, and garages.

Warm white. 2700k to 3000k. Remember the golden color from the traditional lamps. These panels feature that golden color. These are suitable for hospitals and nursing homes to keep the patients relaxed.

Offers Different Features

LED panels have different features that you can choose depending on your needs.  

Do you want dimmable lights? There are dimmable LED panels. However, if you need this feature, you will need to choose dimmable panels since some are non-dimmable.

Also, there are emergency LED panels that can come in handy in case there is a power failure. They can last up to 3 hours and so you should install them in vital areas such as the escape routes.

Help In Savings

With LED panels, you will save a lot. You will save maintenance costs and energy bills.

LED panels consume much less power to produce similar lighting in comparison to other types of lighting such as the fluorescents. They produce more lumens per watt. This means you will save on energy costs.

Also, the panels have lower maintenance costs, since once you install, you don’t have to keep replacing or repairing. The LED can give service of up to 15 years.

Their lifetime is not affected by the constant switching of on and off, unlike other lighting fixtures.

Easy To Install

LED panels come with plug and socket connectors which make it easy to install. The installation process also depends on whether it is a new grid or you are simply replacing your old fixtures.

If you are replacing your old lighting system, you only need to remove the old fixtures and replace them with the LED panels.

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